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Confess Your Sins

So David said to Nathan, "I have sinned against the Lord." And Nathan said to David, "The Lord also has put away your sin; you shall not die."

Confess Your Sins

Early in 1993 British police accused two ten-year-old boys of the brutal murder of two-year-old James Bulger. The two boys pleaded their innocence. During the two-week trial the young defendants responded to questioning with noticeable inconsistencies. The climax of the trial came when the parents of one of the boys assured him that they would always love him. Bolstered by the realization that he would not lose his parents' love, the boy confessed in a soft voice, "I killed James."

David realized that he, too, was caught red-handed in his crimes. What he had been able to hide from his friends and family was revealed to the all-seeing eyes of an all-knowing God. David would face humiliation and sorrow. His family would be afflicted and the whole nation would suffer because of his sins. Yet what sustained him through the whole ordeal was the assurance that he had not lost God's love. He would face consequences, but upon confession he was forgiven and received back into fellowship with his Heavenly Father again.

The most amazing truth about God's love is that He knows how wicked we are, yet He loves us (Rom. 5:8). We can confess our most evil deeds to Him and still be confident that His love will not diminish. That does not mean that confession should be viewed as an "easy out" for our sins. It's not a safety net that gives us the liberty to sin with abandon. Confession removes the guilt of sin, but it doesn't remove sin's consequences. It's a comfort to know, however, that when we've "blown it," God still loves us.

If you're buried beneath a load of sin, perhaps you feel that God's love is beyond you. Satan may even have you convinced that God has turned His back on you. But that simply isn't so. After adultery and murder, God still forgave David, and He will forgive you as well. Confess your sins and receive God's love today.

God's love is deeper than our sin.

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