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We all know people who are walking or even running away from Jesus today. That leaves you and me faced with a very specific question, “What role do I play in helping people get

back to Jesus?”

Turning their back on Him means they’ve become self-deceived. They’ve ended up with a dysfunctional understanding of Christianity that almost always leads to disillusionment—and if not stopped— they’ll reject Jesus completely. This is where it gets real because the odds are overwhelming that no one else will go after your friends, family, and acquaintances. So what role are you willing to play in order to reach them?

Considering the fact that you know yourself and your spiritual life better than anyone else, what will you do to become more spiritually strong and fit for the battle? As for those around you, the Holy Spirit has given you a relationship with each of them, plus spiritual ears and eyes to discern their needs. No one cares more about them or has the same insight as you do. Therefore, you have been purposefully placed in the best position to help them

grow closer to Jesus!

Back to the Bible is here to help.

Besides reaching individuals with the Gospel directly, we are surging ahead to support you in sharing Jesus with others as well. Our goTandem Spiritual Fitness app is a non- threatening way to start a conversation and invite them to consider their own spiritual fitness and how they might improve it. Just share some of our content and invite them to

download the app. Since goTandem is private to the individual you’re helping, they can be confident in relaying their struggles and desires so the app can match Scripture to their exact needs. This is such a helpful follow up to what you’re saying and doing in their life.

In your discipling discussions, they can look back on the feed of verses allowing you to easily add your own insights. That’s really the heart of bringing Jesus to someone—sharing how He has helped you helps them begin to see how He wants to care for them as deeply.

So start today by praying for opportunities to help those who are struggling around you. Then when you see God opening the door—do what He asks.

Another vital role you have in this movement is through your financial gifts nurtured by your prayers. Please consider a gift today that helps keep the app technology current (building new features into the app) and spreading its reach to new people being hurt so terribly by the darkness that is growing in this world. You and I can stop Satan by reaching one life at a time.

I promise that God will multiply the reach and impact of your gift. This is His economy. He specializes in taking what we offer by faith and stretching it. What you give brings Jesus to someone who is struggling, or supports someone who is stepping out by faith to share and

disciple someone in their life. Please see the reply form for secure and easy ways to give today. And thank you for partnering with Back to the Bible in these crucial days for the Gospel.

Onward together!

Arnie Cole, CEO

PS: Be sure to check out all of the great Bible teaching content at or, from your mobile device, click this link GOtandem from the App Store or Google Play and download our Daily Spiritual Fitness App.

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