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Discovering a Living Faith - Saving Faith Works pt. 2 - 9 of 20

Air Date: 7/11/19 - If you died tonight would you spend eternity with Jesus? Do you have a saving faith? Bryan Clark explores these questions as he unpacks James 2, reminding us that faith that saves us is a faith that works. It's not dead. It's not useless. It will manifest itself in works, in fruit, in evidence. 

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Unknown member
Jul 19, 2019

I believe strongly that to be saved one needs ONLY to believe in Christ as the Son of God; as my savior who died in my place to free me from sin's power and penalty; as the risen Lord who rose from the grave; as the One who ascended into Heaven to intercede for me b

efore God the Father; and the One who will return to rule the new earth. Belief in Christ leads to salvation (Eph. 2). Works, I believe, is growth in my relationship to Christ. It is a process! I very much agree with the Grace Evangelical Society and their views on this. I also would have to disagree with John Macarthur who holds to Lordship…

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