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goTandem is Helping Milton Lead His Men's Group

"Good morning, Thank you for this great opportunity to use this tool ""go Tandem"" I am from El Salvador, I live there, I am an English student, (Excuse me if my English is not clear) I knew to Lord since I was children, I have been serving in my church in several ministries, but the last year, God choose me to lead the man ministry, I didn't know how to do it, but I long to do it, then I start looking for information about how to build a men ministry and fortunately I found the ""Man in the mirror"" and The go Tandem app. I love the go Tandem, maybe I'm not using it correctly but frequently I translate to Spanish and use it to send to the man group of my church. for me, it is an opportunity to learn more and grow the Christian life."


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