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Hidden Resources

Agnostic writer H. G. Wells said, "God is an ever absentee help in times of trouble." He was wrong. Psalms 46-48 grew out of a marvelous miracle in Israel's history. Hezekiah was king of Judah when the Assyrians invaded the land. The king took this crisis to the Lord, and He protected Israel. One morning 185,000 Assyrians died by the hand of the Lord's angel. We, too, can stand strong because of the divine resources God gives us.

God is our refuge; we need not fear (vv. 1-3). He is available, accessible and sufficient--an abundantly available help in trouble. God's people go through trouble. Sometimes it's because we've been disobedient; sometimes it's because we've been obedient; and sometimes He knows we need to be strengthened and helped. Have you fled to your refuge? Hide in Him to gain the strength and grace you need to go back and face your responsibilities.

God is our strength; we need not faint (vv. 4-7). We go from the turbulent sea in verse 2 to a quiet river in verse 4. Jerusalem was not established beside a river. To compensate, Hezekiah built an underground water system that brought water into the city. Similarly, we must live on hidden resources. We can't depend on the world around us or other people. When you trust Jesus as Savior, God puts an artesian well of Living Water within you. While the world has only broken cisterns, the Fountain of Living Water becomes a River. It is from Jesus that we get the spiritual resources we need. Are you drinking today at that River? Get your eyes off the sinking world and remember that God is your Strength.

God is an ever-present help; we need not fret (vv. 8-11). "Be still" means "to take your hands off and let God be God." So often we fret about His timing and methods. Fretting leaves us vulnerable to the Devil's attacks. We should be still, stand still and sit still.

Your life depends on hidden resources God gives you. You need not faint nor live with worry and fear. Perhaps you are feeling the attacks of the Enemy or are going through a trial today. Be sure to take your strength and nourishment from God's spiritual resources. He is your Refuge and Strength.

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