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Impact Report - Helping People Move Close to Jesus For Over Eighty Years

Back to the Bible is Celebrating its 80th Anniversary!

I’m proud to be part of what Theodore Epp began eight decades ago, and I’m honored to serve with you. Together we have been enabling a close walk with Jesus for over 80 years by rooting people in God’s Word — the Bible. What began as a Bible-teaching ministry has grown into a Bible engagement movement. Today, we can place God’s Word into people’s hands and hearts in a unique and personal way never before possible. We’re providing daily personalized discipleship, helping them engage

the Bible in a way that leads to life transformation.

You are helping people all over the world learn to feed themselves

spiritually by getting engaged in the Scriptures. Together we are going into some of the darkest, most dangerous regions of the globe and transforming the lives of men, women, and children with the power of God’s Word. With your faithful partnership, we’re meeting people where

they are. And by avoiding one-size-fits-all plans, Christ-followers are free to grow exactly the way God wants them to grow. By combining the best in intuitive digital technology with a “human touch,” there is a promising future for discipleship and for each engaged believer.

Christians worldwide are celebrating 2020 as the “Year of the Bible.” We are joining them by launching the “Year of Bible Engagement.” And together with you, we will touch millions who are struggling spiritually, helping them build a “protective factor” within them by engaging with the Bible four or more times a week. Our goal: Expand daily digital discipleship that can help adults, and especially young adults and tweens—saved and unsaved alike—grow as disciples of Christ.

As we celebrate 80 years of ministry, thank you for your part in making disciples all over the world, just as Jesus asked us to do.

In His grip,

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