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Interrupting a Miracle

Since the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, more than 21 million babies have been killed. These verses are an amazing statement about conception, growth and birth. When a baby is aborted, what really happens?

First, a miracle is interrupted (v. 14). Fearfully means "I am trembling with astonishment." By thinking about birth, David also was contemplating God's attributes. The world has cheapened sex, conception and birth to the point that it treats pregnancy as a nuisance, not a miracle. God made us and has covered (protected) us. The baby in the womb is covered by God. Let's not turn the womb into a tomb!

Second, a real person is murdered. Today, medical science calls the fetus a P.O.C. (a product of conception)--a mass of tissues or a collection of cells. But God calls it a human being, and we had better be careful how we treat the child.

Third, a divine law is broken (Ex. 20:13). Dr. Gleason Archer, commenting on Exodus 21:22-25, says that if a fight occurred and it resulted in a baby being born dead, then the assailant had to pay with his life. God protected the unborn by His Law. But today it is legal to kill them.

God gives and takes life--not man. An even greater tragedy awaits us in this country. Abortion leads to infanticide, which leads to mercy killing. In some parts of the world, voluntary euthanasia is legal.

God's people need to take a strong stand to protect the miracle of human life.

* * *

God loves children and wants to protect them. Rejoice in the miracle of birth and protect the sanctity of the womb and the lives of unborn babies. What can you do in your community to take a stand against abortion?

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