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It's All About God's Plan--Not Ours

Published 6/6/19

For thus the Lord said to me, "As a lion or a young lion growls over his prey, and when a band of shepherds is called out against him he is not terrified by their shouting or daunted at their noise, so the Lord of hosts will come down to fight on Mount Zion and on its hill. Like birds hovering, so the Lord of hosts will protect Jerusalem; he will protect and deliver it; he will spare and rescue it."


• Do you stay close to God during hard times?

• Do you believe that God will protect you and see you through?

• What steps can you take to trust God more?

God is calling His people. He is urging them to listen and to respond. It seems to be the same story over and over again. God shows His power and wisdom on Israel's behalf, but they quickly forget. They see the impossible task ahead of them and feel lost and vulnerable. They look to each other, and their leaders, to protect them. But Isaiah stands in the gap as he speaks the words of God in an effort to keep them from harm. "Instead you should depend on and trust the holy Lord God of Israel" (verse 31:1).

Does this sound familiar? We can all list the great things that God has done for us. But the second we are thrown into a difficult situation, we fall back onto our own knowledge and understanding. We should remember the words of Isaiah because they contain the wisdom of God. And God's message is for all of His people. Our Lord promised Israel that, "Honesty and justice will prosper there, and justice will produce lasting peace and security" (verse 33:16). He is also bringing us into the same peace and justice. But we must turn to Him, and not our own plans.


Lord God, you are faithful and powerful. You are the source of all wisdom. You are patient. Please help me to turn to you in difficult times and to seek your direction. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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Unknown member
Jun 06, 2019

Thank you so much for a very timely devotional message, i am indeed facing a very hard times, added to this my husband will be undergoing the immediate eye surgery thank you for God's words who gave me comfort. Praying that God will continue to bless this ministry.

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