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Righteous Before God

"Truly I know it is so, but how can a man be righteous before God?"

Righteous before God

According to Parade magazine, the zoo in Copenhagen, Denmark, has put a human couple on display. Henrik Leh-mann and Malene Botoft live in a see-through cage in the primate display next to the baboons and monkeys. Their habitat has a living room with furniture, a computer, a television and a stereo. The kitchen and bedroom are part of the display. Only the bathroom is excluded from public view. Unlike their neighbors, who aren't allowed out, the two humans occasionally leave their fishbowl existence to shop and water the flowers on their porch back at home. But for the most part, their lives are on public display. Job realized that every human being lives under similar conditions when it comes to God. Nothing that we say or even think is hidden from divine scrutiny. Therefore, it is no surprise that Job wondered, perhaps with a hint of hopelessness, how it might be possible to be righteous in God's sight. With every sin and failure noted, who could possibly stand before God?

When we compare ourselves with other people, we might feel that we're not all that bad. After all, we don't get drunk, use drugs or cheat on our income taxes. And when it comes to volunteering for charity, helping at church or just spending time with our family, we may even be sterling examples. But take one look at God's standards and you'll see a different picture. As He looks into our hearts to see our motives and view our hidden thoughts, our self-imposed halo begins to slip. It becomes obvious that Job's question needs to become our own: How can I be righteous before God? If you are sensing your own need for a right relationship with God, be assured that He has provided a way. Through His Son, Jesus Christ, all your sins have been paid for and you can be forgiven. When you receive Him as your Savior, you stand in His righteousness before the Father. Trust Jesus today and live right before God in the righteousness of His Son.

Christ's righteousness makes us right with God.

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