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Righteous Indignation

Today there is a need for God's people to display righteous indignation. May we never complacently accept babies being aborted, the poor being exploited and politicians breaking the law. God does not want people in authority to use their authority for themselves. A true statesman uses his authority to build people and his country. David was righteously indignant when he wrote this psalm. He was not angry but anguished.

David denounces the readers' sin (vv. 1-5). Their speech was unrighteous, and they did not judge uprightly (Job 31:6). Their hands were tipping the scales the wrong way because their hearts were evil. David compares these leaders to snakes (v. 4).

David pronounces the readers' judgment (vv. 6-9). He presents six pictures of coming judgment for the leaders: (1) a lion without teeth (v. 6)--God one day will pull their teeth and they will be defenseless; (2) water soaking into the ground (v. 7)--after the dry season, rain disappears and is soaked into the soil; (3) broken arrows (v. 7)--God will take away all their defense; (4) a snail melting away (v. 8)--the wicked will gradually destroy themselves the further they go; (5) a stillborn child (v. 8)--they will experience a lot of pain and then death; and (6) a meal being cooked that is destroyed by a whirlwind (v. 9)--their schemes won't last, and they will be destroyed by God's living, burning wrath.

David announces his praise of God (vv. 10,11). We do not avenge our ourselves, but we can rejoice at God's righteous judgment of the wicked (Rev. 18,19). He will stand on His enemies (Ps. 68:23).

The righteous will one day enjoy the victory of God. He is patiently waiting to judge the world. When that happens, God will be vindicated, and Jesus will be glorified.

The misuse of authority is an age-old problem. The Bible tells us what will become of those who abuse their positions of authority. God's people may confidently express their righteous indignation, for we know that He will one day judge corrupt leaders. Praise Him for His coming victory and vindication.

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