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Salvation: God's Side and Your Side

Your salvation involves God as well as you. This truth is clearly disclosed in the Scriptures.

The Fact of Sin

The basic fact every person must face as he considers his spiritual relationship to God is that of sin. Every human being is conscious of sin to some extent, although some may not want to openly admit it. When a person wants to pray or turn to God in time of need, the inborn consciousness of sin and unworthiness almost immediately arises within him. How can one who is so full of sin gain an audience with God? How can a sinner experience fellowship with the Holy One? These are the first questions that come to the mind of the seeking soul. The consciousness of sin is not merely the result of childhood training, nor does it come only to those who read and know the Bible. Even in heathen lands, men and women experience that same consciousness of sin when they desire to approach God. Pagan religions are characterized by unceasing attempts to atone for sin and to appease the displeasure of their gods. People everywhere are conscious of sin.

The Problem Sin Causes

You, too, must come face to face with this unalterable fact of sin, if you haven't already. As you consider the matter of your salvation-your being reconciled with God-you will undoubtedly become conscious of the wall of sin between you and God. Your conscience, common honesty, the convicting voice of the Holy Spirit and the Bible itself tell you that you have sinned (Isa. 53:6; Rom. 3:10,23). The Bible's testimony concerning sin is universal, indicting and indisputable. Within the human heart there arises a corresponding consciousness of the holiness and justice of God. God is pure, holy, righteous and just; therefore He cannot tolerate sin. As the great, just Judge, He cannot ignore the guilt of human sin.

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