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The Heart of the Matter

"I delight to do Your will, O my God, and Your law is within my heart" (v. 8). Ponder that statement. The will of God is not _ something we do; it's something we enjoy and delight in. His will is the expression of His love. He doesn't declare things and do things because He hates us but because He loves us. We may not always understand His ways. Sometimes we may even think that God has forsaken us. But we should love His will. If our hearts are delighting in His will, then we are close to His heart.

God's Word reveals His will. When the Word of God is in our hearts, then the will of God is in our hearts, and we obey Him wholeheartedly. Paul wrote about this in Ephesians 6:6: "Doing the will of God from the heart." It's possible to follow God from the will only: we can be drudges or obedient slaves, performing a duty. Or we can be children who obey out of love for our Father.

The result is that we delight in God's will. Indeed, the heart of the matter is our heart.

Because God's will originates in His heart, we can respond to it emotionally--we can love it. Are you in touch with His will? Do you delight in it? Place the Law in your heart so you may know the will of God and obey it.

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