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The High Cost of Confession

What does it mean to confess sin? It does not mean to admit our sins, for we can hide nothing from God. The word confess means "to say the same thing." We are to see sin as God sees it. This is repentance, not penance. Jesus' blood is the only thing that can pay the cost of sin.

True repentance involves the mind, the emotions and the will. David had to change his mind about his affair with Bathsheba, with Nathan's help (v. 4). The prophet confronted David about his sin (II Sam. 12). He wisely told him a story about the ewe lamb to illustrate his sin. David replied, "I have sinned." Pharaoh also said this, but he didn't mean it. King Saul also said this when he got caught doing wrong. Saul had regret; Pharaoh had remorse. Regret involves only the mind--we are upset that we got into a mess or got caught. Remorse involves only the mind and emotions--we feel terrible.

Confessing sin means that we have David's attitude and recognize that we are sinners by nature: each of us is capable of committing any sin.

The high cost of confessing sin is a broken heart. When we see ourselves as God does, we will have broken hearts. He does not have to discipline us to break our hearts. Jesus only had to look at Peter, and Peter's heart was broken (Luke 22:61). If you come to God with a broken heart and confess your sin, He will forgive and restore you.

Confession of sin is not a light matter. It involves the whole inner person. When you sees in as God does, it breaks your heart. Bring your broken heart to God, and He will heal it.

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