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The Question

"Why?" is the easiest question to ask but the hardest to answer. David asks why three times in this psalm. The atheist's answer to this question is that there is no God; the rationalist says God is unable to act or doesn't care; and the legalist says this is punishment for personal sin. The truthful answer comes from David. There are three stages in this experience of asking why.

The first stage is concerned is hiding. People have asked for centuries, "Why doesn't God do something?" (Job 13:24; Jer. 14:8,9). The wicked seem to be triumphing, and in doing so, they make four false statements. First, they say, "There is no God" (vv. 1-4; Ps. 14:1). The fool worships the creature, not the Creator. The greatest judgment God can send is to let us have our way. He is the source of life. When we leave out God, we die. Do you consider Him when you make plans?

Then the wicked say, "I shall not be moved" (vv. 5-7). They curse the God they do not believe in. They enjoy the taste of sin. Third, the wicked say, "God does not see me." They picture Him as a ferocious beast, catching the innocent unawares. They are characterized by hypocrisy, deception, intimidation, threats and selfishness.

Finally, the wicked say that "God does not care." But He does care, and sin will catch up with them.

Most of us at some time find ourselves asking God "Why?" Although the world offers several answers to this question, the Bible gives us insight into how to deal properly with the question. Don't be like the wicked, who make false statements about God and defy His judgment. Rest in the promises of the Word of God.

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