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The Twelve Voices of Christmas

Zacharias and Elizabeth, Mary and Joseph, Simeon and Anna, the shepherds and the wise men, Herod and John - each had a voice in the Christmas story. As a result, each faced a crisis in his life, with a decision to make and consequences to bear.

Some received God's messages through angels; others were enlightened by His Spirit; one ignored Him. But all focused on a newborn baby lying in a manger in the small village of Bethlehem.

At some point in your life, you also face a crisis concerning this baby in the manger. You must make a decision. Either you will take your part in the Christmas story, or you will refuse to participate. Either you will join eleven of the voices of Christmas in singing God's praises, or you will join the one voice of discord by refusing to trust and worship Jesus, who was born to be your Savior

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