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Updated: Feb 21

In my weekly Spiritual Fitness Review email sent to over 100,000 people each Sunday, I shared something recently that I think fits well with the explanations of spiritual fitness you’ve been reading in this newsletter. Readers replied with some helpful insights when asked: “What did it take to snap you out of Satan’s trap of false hope?”

I think their responses have a lot to say about what it takes to grow spiritually fit. Look at this word cloud of options people use to handle Satan’s attacks.

Word clouds are not random sample, “scientific” research. They are visual representations of large amounts of data. They help detect trends and patterns (based on word frequency). The size of the word or phrase means more people provided that same response.

“Pray” had the most response with “Bible reading” being nearly identical. “Trust God” is neck-and-neck, too, in finding a path through the spiritual battle. Did you notice “Fast” (as in fasting from food). or "Knowing outcome of sin” to interrupt what Satan is dangling in front of them?

Being spiritually strong and healthy is the solution to the world’s problems around us today. We need to be intentional about following Christ—engaged fully in the spiritual battle. The Lord is inviting and waiting on each of us. Plus, we all know someone who has dropped out of church or is trying to fight spiritual battles on their own. Reach out to them personally and start a spiritual conversation. Ask “How are you doing spiritually?” and listen. I know the Holy Spirit will prompt your mind and heart with how to be of help.

As you are considering how to help those around you, be sure to offer Back to the Bible’s help as well. Invite others to take the spiritual fitness checkup. All of these resources are offered free. That’s because of the generosity of so many who give financially and pray to make it all possible.

Onward together!

Arnie Cole, CEO

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