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What Is Your Heart Condition?

"O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and give praise." David begins this psalm by reminding us of the importance of a steadfast or "fixed" heart in the Christian life.

What is a fixed heart? First, it trusts in the Lord for salvation. Jesus died for us on the cross. If we have trusted Him, we have fixed our hearts upon Him, and we have experienced His mercy. "For Your mercy is great above the heavens, and Your truth reaches to the clouds" (v. 4).

A fixed heart is also devoted. Jesus said that we can't serve two masters. We're going to love one and hate the other or be loyal to the one and despise the other. We can't serve God and money--or, for that matter, God and anything else (Matt. 6:24). So a fixed heart is devoted and loving--a heart that is devoted solely to the Lord.

Marriage is one of the many pictures of the Christian life found in the Bible. Those who trust Jesus Christ as Savior are married to Him. We are waiting for that day when the Bridegroom will come and claim His Bride, and we'll enter our heavenly home. Meanwhile, we want to be faithful to Him. We do not want to be guilty of spiritual adultery, being unfaithful to our Savior.

A fixed heart is serving. If your heart is fixed, you will be busy serving others. A person fixed upon the Lord in faith and love reaches out to serve others--to put others ahead of himself.

Finally, a fixed heart is hopeful. We anticipate the return of our Lord. When you love and trust someone, you look forward to being with that person. We wait and hope for the day when we will be in the Lord's presence.

* * *

The condition of a person's heart reveals much about the condition of his soul. A fixed heart is in tune with the Lord--trusting, devoted, serving and hopeful. What is your heart condition?

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