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Who's Watching You?

Have you ever been in a public place and noticed that someone was watching you? I've been in restaurants when my wife has said, "Those people at that table keep watching us. I wonder if we know them." It usually turns out that we don't know them, and they don't know us, but maybe we look like someone they know.

In this psalm David records his experience when Saul's men were watching his house. They wanted to arrest and kill him. But David was rejoicing in the Lord. He was singing in a time of danger. And he was crying out to the Lord for mercy.

What God is to you determines what He does for you. "I will sing of Your power" (v. 16). David knew that God is a God of power. Saul could not overthrow Him. "I will sing aloud of Your mercy" (v. 16). That's what David needed more than anything else. We need to pray all day long that the mercy of God will sustain us. David discovered mercy in the morning (v. 16). Start your day by singing to the Lord and drawing upon His mercy.

"To You, O my Strength, . . . God is my defense" (v. 17). Those are words of security and dependability. When God is your Power, when God gives you mercy, when God is your Strength and Defense, then you can face any enemy. You can face any circumstance, because God is going to see you through.

* * *

God responds according to your faith and surrounds you with His mercy. Is yours the kind of faith that can sing to Him in times of danger? The next time you face threatening circumstances, trust the Lord. He will protect you and deliver you from your enemies.

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