Published 6/26/19

From: 101 Ways to Strengthen the Parent‐Child Connection

Devotions, Tips, and Activities

By: Michael and Tiffany Ross

But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”

1 PETER 1:15–16

Family Quest

Have each family member do a household search for a useful item. Talk about the purpose of each object. Explain that holy means “to be set apart for God’s use.”

Talk It Out · Flip through the four Gospels and find examples of Christ’s holy behavior. How did Jesus demonstrate holiness to others? How should we live it out?

· Read 1 Peter 1:15–16. As a family, how can we help each other live holy lives?

· How does God feel about us when we don’t act very holy?

Parent-Child Connection

People have a lot of opinions about what it means to be holy. But the passage above simplifies it for us. We are to be holy as Jesus is holy. This means we should be Christlike. That is what the word Christian means. So as we study the characteristics of God and the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, we learn how we, too, are supposed to live. A life of love, compassion, wisdom, obedience, sacrifice, and joy would resemble God. When we learn about God, we are also learning how to live our own lives.

Talk to God

As you pray, encourage your child to (1) thank Jesus for setting the perfect example for holiness and (2) ask the Lord to build in him the courage to follow Christ’s example.

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