What Are You Known For?

Published 11/27/19

101 Five-Minute Meal Time Devotions: Fun and Creative Ways

to Teach your Kids Spiritual Values

By Greg Johnson

What If...

One thing you’ve noticed is all girls are different. Not just in looks, but also in what they think. Some of your girlfriends are still having a good time playing with their Barbies, while others are talking about the guys they want to “go with.” A few are “going with” guys and brag about the guys they’ve kissed! Like Brenda.

Brenda is one of your friends. She’s a nice girl, but even the teachers talk about her reputation as a guy chaser. Mom and Dad have seen her in action, too. At the school skating party a few weeks ago, we noticed her with one of the guys near the arcade. She was hanging all over him and trying to kiss him like they were teenagers or something. The guy was attempting to fight her off and finish his game, but we could tell he wasn’t trying too hard. Mom talked to you about her later, mentioning something about Brenda not having a dad at home, and that’s probably one reason why she acts that way.

The other girls talk about Brenda–a lot. Some, you can tell, are jealous, while others (like you) think she’s really making a fool of herself.

One evening, Brenda calls and tells you her mom is letting her have a party on Saturday, a coed party with music and dancing. She not only wants you to come, but also asks if you’ll help decorate.

“A coed party at Brenda’s?” Mom says after you ask her if you can go. “I’m not sure that’s a great idea. Is her mom going to be home?”

“Yes, Mom,” you reply. “But I doubt she’ll be downstairs watching everything. That wouldn’t be cool.”

“Let me think about it and talk to your father,” she says.

Questions to Think On

• Would you want her to say OK, or are you thinking this may not be the best party to go to?

• Do you know anyone at school with this type of reputation?

• What do you think your reputation is? What do you want it to be?

• Mom and Dad: Would you allow your child to go to this party? When making decisions about what your kids can do for fun in the future, how important to you are the reputations of those they will be with?

What Does God Have to Say?

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

Proverbs 22:1


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