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"...Don't ever think that your broadcast is in vain as I am convinced it touches many people..."

"Hey Bryan, I just wanted to drop you and Cara a line concerning Wednesday's radio broadcast. The local GNN affiliate broadcasts your show every day at noon and I stay so busy during the day that I am typically listening while working and eating at my desk or eating lunch in the car between appointments. On Wednesday I was at the desk working and eating lunch while trying to listen to the broadcast. You told the story about you being in seminary while you and Patti were living in a complex with mostly Christian families. There was this one couple that everyone stayed away from as they were viewed as trouble. You stated that when they had a their baby ya'll became very close and spent most of the free time with them. When you started to talk about how they were hurt by the other Christian families in the complex due to their treatment, I immediately started crying uncontrollably and couldn't stop. I had no idea why until I realized how I have treated other people in the past that might have been viewed as undesirable or "trouble" . You were so spot on when you stated these are exactly the people we are to reach out to and witness and make friends with. How short sighted we humans can be at times. It really opened my eyes to what was inside of me and I hope to have a completely different behavior to other people in the future. Don't ever think that your broadcast is in vain as I am convinced it touches many other people other than myself even though you may not hear from them. Thank you for that story." ~ Robert, Subscriber

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