Published 6/22/19

From: 101 Ways to Strengthen the Parent‐Child Connection

Devotions, Tips, and Activities

By: Michael and Tiffany Ross

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

1 JOHN 1:9

Family Quest

The cross is an unforgettable reminder of Jesus Christ and what He has done for those who have given their hearts to Him: He paid the penalty for our sins, He has completely forgiven us, and He invites us to live forever with Him! Celebrate together by making some cross necklaces. Be creative: use pieces of sticks and leather, pipe cleaners, or beads and string.

Talk It Out

· The word confess means “to agree with.” We need to agree with God that what we have done is wrong. Do you find this easy or hard to do? Why?

· Why is it important to “agree with God” whenever we sin?

· If we admit that what we’ve done is wrong and ask God to forgive us, does He really forget the wrong things we’ve done? Read Psalm 103:12.

Parent-Child Connection

Kids are usually afraid to admit when they have done something wrong. They learn early that there are consequences for their actions. So confession does not sound like something they will be willing to do. Yes, there are consequences. But it is extremely important that we discuss our failures with God. He is the One who offers forgiveness and can bring restoration to us. Please encourage your kids not to avoid having these tough conversations with Christ.

Talk to God

As you pray, encourage your child to (1) thank Jesus for dying on the cross and giving us eternal life with Him, and (2) tell the Lord that she is sorry for messing up at times.

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