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goTandem - Helping Yanique grow closer each day

Each day we have people write to us about how God is impacting their lives through friends like you and Back to the Bible. Recently, Yanique, a young woman from Jamaica, shared her story.

Yanique first heard about goTandem on the radio program. Like many young people, she had accepted Christ as a teen and been active in her church youth group. Later when she was on her own as an adult, she felt her faith faltering. Then God intervened through an app:

"Slowly but surely I am getting the hang of walking with God. Even though I have been baptized and accepted Christ for seven years, it is now I feel bolder and have more confidence in His Word. Maybe I was young and naïve. I don't know.

"You see, when I signed up for goTandem it was just to have simple reminders daily and nothing more. However it was when I was going through the most difficult times in my life, each message came right on time.

Sometimes the verses come with questions that make me look into myself and question my life. I have grown.”

We'd love to hear your story--about how God is transforming your life through His Word. Share your story and encourage others today!

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