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Handling Fear

Fear can grip us when we feel life is out of control, and that's what happened to David when he was hiding from King Saul. But instead of running from his fears, with God's help he faced them. By understanding how David handled his fears, we can better handle ours.

First, David honestly admitted his fears (vv. 1-7). He admitted the enemy was against him (v. 2). We won't win the victory if we pretend the Enemy is not there or if we try to suppress our fears. David's enemies were chasing him like ferocious animals, and they oppressed him all day long. They were slandering him and hunting him. It was a matter of life and death. What did he do? He admitted his fears and trusted in God.

A lady once came to D. L. Moody and said, "I've found a verse to help me conquer my fear--Psalm 56:3." Moody replied, "I'll give you a better verse--Isaiah 12:2." Psalm 56:3 tells us that when we're afraid, we'll trust. Isaiah 12:2says that we'll "trust and not be afraid." Faith overcomes everything (Ps. 103:5). Let's face our fears honestly.

Second, David humbly confessed his faith (vv. 8-13). He spoke about God, not his enemies. He clung to the Word of God and did not back out of his commitment to Him just because he was going through trouble. What was the result of David's ordeal? God's protection and provision brought forth David's prayer and praise (vv. 12,13).

Although everything may seem stacked against you, God is on your side. He knows who you are, where you are and what you're up against. He will protect you and deliver you.

If you are facing enemies and are gripped by fear, admit your fear and then turn to the Word of God. Trust in His promises to protect and provide. God knows what you are going through, and He will deliver you. Your faith will overcome your fear and lead to praise.

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