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No Hurry

"So the king's scribes were called at that time, in the third month, which is the month of Sivan, on the twenty-third day; and it was written, according to all that Mordecai commanded. . . . And he wrote in the name of King Ahasuerus, sealed it with the king's signet ring, and sent letters by couriers on horseback, riding on royal horses bred from swift steeds."

No Hurry

There is an old fable that tells of three apprentice devils who came to earth to finish their apprenticeship. They were talking to Satan, the chief of the devils, about their plans to tempt and ruin men. The first said, "I will tell them there is no God." Satan said, "That will not delude many, for they know there is a God." The second said, "I will tell men there is no hell." Satan answered, "You will deceive no one that way; men know even now that there is a hell for sin." The third said, "I will tell men there is no hurry." "You will ruin them by the thousands," said Satan. The most dangerous of all delusions is that there is plenty of time.

Mordecai suffered no such delusion. He knew he had to hurry if he were to effectively counteract Haman's deadly decree. With no waste of time, he called the scribes to record his words in the name of the king and then sent off messengers on swift horses to cover the 127 provinces of the vast empire. Urgency was of the utmost importance if he were to save the lives of his people.

As Christians, we have an equally urgent message. It is a message that explains how people perishing in their sins can be forgiven and receive eternal life. It is a proclamation of grace and mercy through the Lord Jesus Christ. Without it, multitudes will go into a Christless eternity.

Don't let Satan delude you. We don't have plenty of time. In fact, the time is short and the message is imperative. Ask God to show you how you can be used to spread the Good News before it's too late.

Don't snooze with the news.


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