Published 7/12/19

From: 101 Ways to Strengthen the Parent‐Child Connection

Devotions, Tips, and Activities

By: Michael and Tiffany Ross

“I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever!”


Family Quest

Talk about things around you that never seem to go away—it might be a mountain, the sky, or the human race. Think about how God lived before all of these things, and He will live after they are all gone. And the whole time He is reaching out to us.

Talk It Out

· What does persistent mean? Have you ever tried to do something forever?

· Why does God stay with us?

· How does His persistence make you feel?

Parent-Child Connection

Before you conclude today’s lesson, open your Bible to Mark 2:1-12, and read the story about how Jesus healed a paralytic. Wrap up by saying something like this: “Talk about persistence! These four friends were so concerned about the well-being of their sick buddy, they were willing to drag him onto the roof, tear a hole in it … and lower the man right in front of Jesus. They didn’t let the challenge of a crowded room stop them. They were persistent with their selfless act.”

Talk to God

As you pray, encourage your child to (1) thank Jesus for being with us forever and (2) ask the Lord to help her be part of God’s plan.

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