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See How goTandem is Changing Jon's Life

This email site/services has been extremely helpful in increasing and strengthening my walk with Jesus. I look forward to seeing and reading the words of our Lord  everyday!!! Previously to me signing up to receive these goTandem emails, I honestly can say I rarely had any connection to the Lord's word on a daily basis, it basically involved the brief Sunday connection through my church. Now with these emails, I have the chance and joy of digging into His word and being uplifted (and held accountable) daily!!!  It also is a great way to go back and review His words anytime you feel the need or want to be lifted up!!! My son, who had just went through a really rough stretch in his life, and was searching for ways to strengthen his walk with Jesus and he sent me an invitation to sign up for this, and I am forever grateful that he shared it with me. I know I have definitely grown in my faith and increased my understanding of the Lord's word, and my spiritual growth is continuing to get stronger, which has made me a better person for my family and all people I interact with.

My sincere thanks for all you do to spread His word!!!

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