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Soar Above the Storm

David wrote this psalm during the early stages of Absalom's conspiracy. He tells us that in times of trial we can take one of three approaches. One is that we can flee (vv. 1-8). David talks about his emotions. He was in a difficult situation and wanted to fly away. But these troubles were part of God's discipline for him.

Second, we can fight (vv. 9-15). Absalom's conspiracy had gone so far that David could not overcome his enemies. He could only try to save his own life. He saw a sinful city and his friends turn against him, but God was able to overcome them. Absalom and his followers were rebels who had to be disciplined.

Third, we can fly above our trials (v. 16-23). The wind that blows down everything lifts up the eagle. We get that kind of power when we wait on the Lord in prayer and worship. David looked at his feelings and foes, but then he focused on his faith in the Lord.

David triumphed because he sought God: I will call (v. 16); I will cast (v. 22); and I will trust (v. 23). God gives us burdens, and we are to give them back to Him. Don't ask for wings like a dove to fly away. Instead, let God give you wings like an eagle so you can soar above the storm.

Trials force you to respond. You can flee, fight or fly above them. Are you facing a trial today? God has a purpose in your trial and wants you to learn how to fly above it. Cast your burden upon Him and trust Him for the strength to fly above your difficulty.

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