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"Thank you for helping me get back to God where I belong"

"I am an addict have been all my life being raised in a Catholic Home it I guess make your beliefs in God more closer I think so when you get mentally, physically and spiritually abuse you tend to go against God you start to rebel against him when in reality we are suppose to run to him and he will lead us through the storm he will not abandoned us no matter what .. I have been in the slimy pit stretching my hand out for God to pull me out .. he did thanks to him I am in a better place I have no regrets I have God in my life that's all that matters now .. I read my Bible continue to do the back to the Bible app and it's helps me get closer to him .. I had a lot of issues from being called the devil's daughter to almost being sexually abuse by my father and getting married which God blessed me with 2 beautiful daughters for 14 years drug ridden on a rollercoaster that I thought would never end until I started on my studies and this app .. thank you for helping me get back to God where I belong." ~ goTandem User

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