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The High Cost of Committing Sin

The most priceless thing in the universe is the human soul. We see its value at Calvary, because the most costly thing in the world--our sin--required the payment of Jesus' blood to redeem us.

We also see sin's toll on our lives. Before David sinned he was a friend of God, straight, meeting His goals. After he sinned he was a crooked rebel, missing the mark. Psalms 32 and 51 relate the spiritual change that took place when David confessed his sin of adultery and murder.

We don't have to rehearse David's sin. The story of how he committed adultery, murdered a man and tried to cover up his sin for a year is well known. The effects were disastrous. If we really understood what sin is and what sin does, it would keep us from deliberately sinning against God. But we don't see sin the way He does.

Sin is a process. David uses three different words for what he did. Transgressions refers to rebellion against God. Iniquity conveys the crookedness of the sinner. Sin means to miss the mark. David also uses three verbs to ask for forgiveness. Blot out refers to paying a debt. Wash indicates that sin defiles the entire person. Cleanse means the sinner is like a leper, in need of total healing.

Before you yield to temptation, remember how it damaged David. Count the high cost of committing sin, and you will be less inclined to do it.

The human soul was purchased at the highest cost possible--the death of God's Son. Do you entertain temptations? The cost of committing sin is greater than you can afford. When you find yourself beginning the process of sin, claim the promises of God's Word. God will strengthen and protect you and enable you to overcome temptation. Also, rejoice that He forgives you when you do sin.

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