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The Question 'Why?': Part 2

In Part 1 we dealt with concern--the first stage of asking the question "Why?" In this segment we will cover the last two stages.

The second stage involves commitment--God is helping. Man's sinful condition leaves him helpless, so David turns his attention from the wicked to God. We can be encouraged by knowing that God sees our trouble and knows our grief (v. 14). Objectively, He knows what we face; subjectively, He feels what we feel. Phillips Brooks said, "The purpose of life is the building of character through truth." Character is built in the storms and battles of life; it is tested in the easy times of life. The most discouraging feeling is that nobody understands. Christ endured all His earthly experiences so God could prepare Him to be a merciful and faithful High Priest. We may also be encouraged by knowing that God investigates (v. 15). He sees and cares, and He will repay (v. 14).

The third stage in asking "Why?" deals with confidence. God is hearing (vv. 16-18). "Man of the earth" is the wicked, living for and because of the earth. David reminds us that we're just mortal men (Ps. 9:20). God hears when we call and remembers; in His time, He accomplishes His purposes. And we can be confident of that.

A day of reckoning will come when the wicked will suffer for their unrepented sin. God has appointed His Son to be the judge. If you don't know Christ as Savior, if you think you're getting away with sin, or if you wonder why God doesn't do something, be thankful that He has not judged you yet (II Pet. 3:9). Jesus died for you and will save you if you will trust Him.

God does not turn a deaf ear to our questions. Nor is He inactive regarding sin. He is interested in helping us build character, and He will accomplish His purposes in due time. If you're a Christian and wondering why God doesn't act, commit yourself to the Lord and place your confidence in Him (Ps. 37:5).

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