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Warren Wiersbe - 1929-2019

Today we remember the amazing life of Warren Wiersbe who passed away May 2, 2019. Warren’s teaching, preaching, and writing has impacted souls the world over, and we know many of you were greatly encouraged by his inspiring messages on Back to the Bible. So today, we thank God for Warren’s life, we pray for comfort for his family, and we grieve the loss of this spiritual giant. Yet, we also rejoice, knowing that Warren is with the Lord in glory. Even in his passing, Warren’s words still encourage us …

“We know that death has been defeated. Now if our greatest enemy has been defeated, why worry about any other enemy? We know that the Lord Jesus has resurrection power. What we are doing we are doing for the sake of others. Therefore, don't give up. Don't faint. Don't quit. Don't resign. Don't hand in your resignation. Focus on the treasure not on the vessel. Focus on the Master not on the servant. Focus on the future glory not on the present trial, and you will not faint.”

If you’d like to listen to Warren’s teachings, we invite you to visit where you’ll find an archive of his wonderful messages.

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Unknown member
May 14, 2019

I first heard Pastor Warren Wiersbe wehn I tuned into Back to the Bible by chance on Short Wave Radio in 1986 which was broadcasted by FEBC Manila, Philippines.

Pastor Wiersbe had an impact on my life as he taught the Bible with clarity and it grounded me in my faith during my formative years as a teenager. He became a spiritual mentor and hero to me.

Earlier this year, I started listening to Podcasts and looked up Back to the Bible and was surprised to see his face and hear his familiar voice again - now coming through clearly (instead of the crackles and hissing over short wave radio).

The hand over episode to Bryan Clark on 26 April…


Unknown member
May 07, 2019

It's heart rending to hear of his passing.I was just reading on this blog and saw it..Hes an exceptional bible teacher..I always love listening to him.I know his soul is resting in the Lord.My condolences to the immediate family..


Unknown member
May 04, 2019

Warren W Wiersbe was man God used in a typical way.

His speaking and writing ministry is indeed a praiseworthy one.

He did a great job for his Saviour.

His life is an exemplary one and it can be emulated by all fellow Christians.

After joining Black to the Bible India office I had the privilege of knowing him more and to listen and read more of his writings. That was indeed a great blessing to me.

Thanks for sharing this note.

I posted a tribute to him on my blog the other day. I will incorporate this note too in my post.

Our deepest condolences to the bereaved family members of Wiersbe.

Here is my note link.


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