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We are proud to bring to goTandem...Your Story Hour

We are excited to be able to offer Your Story Hour content in our goTandem Kids section of the goTandem app!!

Your Story Hour is a biblically based non-profit, which began in 1940 in Southwest Michigan, offering children's radio programs that bring stories of biblical characters, true-life adventures, and historical figures to life. They use talented voice actors, sound effects and music all to draw children and adults in to help teach biblical lessons, positive values all while providing quality entertainment. Stories are offered in English, Spanish launched in 1985, as well as Russian launched in 1992, and can be heard on more than 4,000 radio stations worldwide.

Take a look behind the scenes of Your Story Hour and see what it takes to bring the stories to life.

Learn more about the history of Your Story Hour by visiting

These stories can also be found in the goTandem app under goTandem Kids, moving your children closer to Jesus than they were yesterday!

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