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What can the app do? - Ria's Story

Hearing from God's Word helps youth hold on to their faith in a challenging world. Ria recently shared how she engages the Bible with goTandem:

"A year ago, I went to summer camp. It was a blast; though I'd been before, I had just as good as a time, maybe even better. The summer camp's main focus was starting a relationship with God."

For so many of us, a camp experience is often remembered by fun, freedom exploring the great outdoors and new friends. But for Ria, this particular week of camp turned out to be a pivotal moment in her relationship with Christ. What captured her heart more than the fun was what came out of a conversation with her counselor.

"I was told about this app. My camp leader had recommended the app because it has helped her in her daily life. Also, many leaders at this camp recommended it as well. So, I tried it out."

Just a simple conversation. One person sharing with another. But it sparked a turning point.

"I have to admit when I really used the app more often it helped ... a lot. I hadn't really thought an app could impact ... your relationship with Christ ... but boy was I wrong. This app helped me start the day off with gratitude, peace and faith. It also helped me to be able to remember to pray and talk to God about things I'd tried to ignore, like temptations I was struggling with." The daily pings from goTandem may have appeared small and insignificant at first, but the reminders from God's Word led to a noticeable difference in how Ria experienced life and connected with God. Sometimes, the change we seek is comes from unexpected people or places ... like a casual conversation with a camp counselor and a free app.

Ria shares, "For anyone who's looking to start your day grateful for your life, or maybe just someone who's not sure how to get closer to God, this app is for you."

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