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Young Student Athletes Find Spiritual Coaching

Meet T.Ray

As Director of the Arkansas Fellowship of Christian Athletes, T.Ray Grandstaff told us of the thousands of young men and women he'd seen accept Christ. "I felt sad knowing the environments that the kids were going back to. I felt we needed to go deeper in discipleship and mentoring."

That's when T.Ray found the Back to the Bible Custom App program. It allows organizations like Arkansas FCA to use the personalized spiritual growth experience found in goTandem, in a familiar FCA-branded app.

The results are encouraging! T.Ray tells of one young woman who began using the FCA - Life Trainer app after accepting Christ. "You're going to be so proud of me" she exclaimed, "I feel like Jesus is growing up inside of me!"

To Back to the Bible supporters, T.Ray says, "Thank you for helping to connect this next generation to Jesus!"

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