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A Blessing In The Golden Years

A retired husband and family man in Michigan shared how he is learning to hear God again … after spending much of his life trying to live on his own terms. Here’s what Ken told us:

“I’m learning how to live out one simple yet very difficult verse in the Bible: ‘Be still and know that I am God’ (Psalm 46:10). The truth is, most of us spend our lives trying to make life work without God in the center. Yet we still expect Him to cooperate—relating to us on our terms, revolving around our plans, solving problems so we can live how we want to live. I’m guilty of this. Yet I want to learn how to let Psalm 46:10 teach me how to ‘be still’ … and ponder God’s Word every day, letting the Holy Spirit speak to me and guide me. My goTandem Bible app is helping me to accomplish this.”

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