Published 6/8/19

From: 101 Ways to Strengthen the Parent‐Child Connection

Devotions, Tips, and Activities

By: Michael and Tiffany Ross

You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar.

Psalm 139:2

Family Quest

Have everyone pick something to think about but don’t tell what it is! Then, have Mom or Dad try to guess the others’ thoughts. Can they? Then read the verse and talk it out.

Talk It Out

· Why didn’t Mom/Dad know what you were thinking?

· Now consider this: God knows all your thoughts. He knows exactly what you need, and He loves you more than you can imagine. How does this make you feel?

· Since God is all-knowing, it is okay to be completely honest with Him about our hurts, doubts, and fears. What might you have a hard time being completely honest with God about?

Parent-Child Connection

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think that God knows all of our thoughts. Reassure your child that it is a good thing that God is all-knowing. He knows our hearts and our good intentions. He isn’t trying to catch us messing up. He speaks to us through our minds and emotions. Our confessions to Him do more for us than for Him. He already knows what we do and think. But opening up and telling God everything is freeing. It is through that act of confession that He speaks to us. We grow during these times of honesty.

Talk to God

As you pray, encourage your child to (1) thank Jesus for knowing us inside and out and (2) ask the Lord to remind us how much He loves us.

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