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Is Pride a Stumbling Block?

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Easter really filled my mind this year. Maybe it’s because of the huge contrast of Jesus’s willing sacrifice for every person compared to the growing amount of hate directed at Him by our culture.

My mind kept focusing on what Jesus endured — from the events of the Last Supper to saying “It is finished” on the cross. He can’t make it any more clear how much grace and mercy He wants to pour out on this world. There is no sin that He cannot forgive, and

no one is “too far gone” to be reached by His love and compassion.

As my focus on Easter was growing, the findings of our latest general population survey here in America were also coming in.

A whopping 9 out of 10 people report they do not struggle with pride. And for those of us over 50—yours truly included—even fewer claim it’s a struggle. This makes me wonder if pride is getting in the way of people finding Jesus or for us Christ Follower’s trying to share Him.

These findings are so startling that it’s almost like people are standing up and shouting, “I don’t have a problem with pride. And I’m proud of it!”

But let’s stop and think about what this means for a moment.

As a Christ Follower, is pride keeping me from

investing the love and compassion of Jesus in

the lives of those around me?

Let’s do a test to see (and my news feed provided just the thing):

An Arizona school board member wearing cat ears during a meeting said she would oppose having a contract with a Christian university over the religious and biblical beliefs they espouse, Fox News Digital found.… The Washington Elementary School District, which serves students in the Phoenix and Glendale areas, had an ongoing contract with Arizona

Christian University for five years, enabling their student teachers to be placed in its schools for field experience. The contract opened up opportunities for recruitment and hiring.

On Feb. 23, the board agreed on a motion to dissolve the partnership with the Christian university.... During the meeting, school board member Tamillia Valenzuela blasted the university over its Christian beliefs and said she was “disheartened” to learn about the contract that had been ongoing for five years.


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