Sing unto the Lord, 0 ye saints of His, and give thanks at the remembrance of His holiness.


GLAD with Thy light, and glowing with Thy love,

So let me ever speak and think and move

As fits a soul new-touched with life from heaven;

That seeks but so to order all her course

As most to show the glory of that Source

By whom alone her strength, her life are given.


OUR Christianity is apt to be of a very "dutiful" kind. We mean to do our duty, we attend church and go to our communions. But our hearts are full of the difficulties, the hardships, the obstacles which the situ­ation presents, and we go on our way sadly, down­hearted and despondent. We need to learn that true Christianity is inseparable from deep joy; and the secret of that joy lies in a continual looking away from all else--away from sin and its ways, and from the manifold hindrances to the good we would do--up to God, His love, His purpose, His will. In proportion as we do look up to Him we shall rejoice, and in pro­portion as we rejoice in the Lord will our religion have tone and power and attractiveness.


This is a public domain version of Joy and Strength.

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