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Soak It In . . . Scripture Absorption Explained

Updated: May 29

By Arnie Cole, CEO

I am so pleased how the Lord has grown this grassroots movement of intentional Christ followers over the last year. It is encouraging to me how so many are stepping up. We all want to see the world’s darkness pushed back with the true light of Jesus Christ.

Many have joined, but so many more are still needed. As we continue 2024, the Lord is calling us to go further to help more people know, love and serve Jesus.

Something a friend said has always stuck with me. He is a former president of Promise Keepers who worked for years in prison ministry. He and I were talking one day, and I said, “It must really be rewarding to work with prisoners and have them come to know the Lord.” He said, “You know in working with ‘the brothers,’ they’ve all pretty much gone the Muslim way.”

“What?” I said shocked, “The Muslim way? What are you talking about?” He explained, The impression most get from Christianity is that nothing really is required except just to believe.” And this lack of any kind of requirement just totally got in the way of his work in prisons. What has stuck with me about that conversation is “nothing really is required.”

Actually, so much is required of us. Our relationship with God came at the greatest price ever known. Jesus died on the cross for you, me and that person next door. However,

deepening our relationship with God doesn’t just happen. We have to step up to the challenge of it and invest effort. We must choose to grow closer to Jesus each day.

Looking in the Bible for what is required of us, Deuteronomy 10:12 says, “And now, Israel, what does the Lord your God require of you, but to fear the Lord your God, to walk in all his ways, to love him, to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul.”

So, a tremendous amount is required of us. Not in a legalistic way. But out of love for Jesus—the one who created this world and then shed His own blood to redeem each of us.

I think what God requires of us can be summarized into a new phrase for our grassroots movement: Scripture absorption. We engage with God through the Bible to grow in holiness

and love God with all that we have. But you and I are not given the option to simply stop there. So this new rallying phrase includes how each Christ Follower needs to take what has been learned from the Bible and turn it into action for others.

I think Scripture absorption encompasses the following concepts:

Due More

Jesus is “due more” from you and from me and He needs us to “do more” for anyone who needs Him as Savior.

Become Fully Absorbed

As intentional Christ Followers, let’s soak in Scripture for ourselves and others. As we are filled to overflowing with God’s Word it will naturally spill from us for different.


Like a sopping wet sponge being pulled out of a sudsy water bucket, what is in us splashes around our lives and onto others. God is available to all, but something (our sin) prevents the relationship He desires. We help others discover the answers they need.


Like a sponge in the hands of a skilled nurse, what’s in the sponge brings soothing comfort to the hurting patient’s feverish brow or parched lips. If we are Scripture absorbed, the fullness in us is what God uses to bring His grace and mercy to this hurting world.

Planting and Watering

As we are continually filled with what God wants us to know and do from Scripture, He squeezes us to make a difference in believers and unbelievers alike.

Please come along with me in crafting this new rallying cry. What do you think about it?

How do we make it the best it can be? Please share your thoughts below.

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