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By Arnie Cole, CEO

When Evangelicals become known as a voting block instead of their stand for Christ, we’re in trouble. When we hear of pastors and their sexual scandals, or selling crypto currency to their congregations, something is desperately broken and needs repair. That’s why I’m excited about Back to the Bible’s emphasis on spiritual fitness, to move you and me closer to Jesus each day personally. As we grow spiritually strong and healthy, it will spill over to those around us.


When you and I receive, reflect and respond to God through the Bible 4 or more days per week we change spiritually. That means when we spend more time with God rather than less, the Holy Spirit brings us closer to Jesus. It is Romans 12:2 transformation! We call it the Power of 4!


“Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling…” has prompted theologians to argue about deeper meanings for many years. Sometimes simpler is better. Taking the words of Philippians 2:12 at face value, Paul is urging each of us to “Get going. Do something with this amazing faith.” Salvation is for everyone and anyone. What are we doing to help someone else discover Jesus?

Discover more about your spiritual fitness today. Back to the Bible is here to walk with you in this journey. You can make a difference in your own life and in the lives of those around you. But don't wait for tomorrow. Get on the path of spiritual fitness today! Take the Spiritual Fitness Checkup to get your immediate feedback and personalized workout. Invite others to try it, too!

Take the Checkup:


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