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A Gentle Spirit

The king also said to them, "Take with you the servants of your lord, and have Solomon my son ride on my own mule, and take him down to Gihon."

A Gentle Spirit

Richard Weaver earned his living in the mines, but his higher priority was bringing others to Christ. One day a fellow said to Weaver, "I'm sick of your constant preaching. I've a good mind to smack you in the face!" "Go ahead if it will make you feel better," Weaver replied. The man struck him. The Christian did not retaliate but turned the other cheek. Again the unbeliever hit him and then walked away. Weaver called after him, "I forgive you and still pray that the Lord will save you!" The next morning his assailant was waiting for him. He asked, "Dick, do you really forgive me?" "Certainly," Weaver said, and again shared the message of salvation. God opened the man's heart, and he received Christ as his Savior. Gentleness and humility had won the day.

As Solomon prepared to take his place as king, he rode on the back of a lowly mule, not an impressive warhorse. His reign was not to be marked by power and brute force but by wisdom exercised in gentleness and humility. While his father, David, achieved great honor through warfare, Solomon far excelled him (1 Kings 3:13) without having to resort to the same tactics.

When we are faced with opposition, it is tempting to overpower it by sheer strength. If someone dares to stand in our way, we run over him. Yet this is not normally God's way. What we accomplish in a spirit of gentleness, as we seek peace and reconciliation, will outlast what we achieve by the "bulldozer approach." And it leaves a better testimony as well.

If you're facing opposition from someone at work, at home or in church, ask God to give you a gentle spirit. Seek His wisdom to deal with the conflict humbly. Put aside any pride that might be a stumbling block to your success, and determine with God's help to respond with meekness. The effects will be more satisfying and more permanent.

Brute force is only for brutes.

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