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Blessedness of Believers

In this psalm David ponders the fourfold blessedness of believers. First, we are under God's wings (v. 7). His mercy is possible because of the blood of Jesus Christ. David refers to the Holy of Holies in the tabernacle, where the Ark of the Covenant held the tables of the Law, with a golden mercy seat over the box. Because he has trusted God, David is in the Holy of Holies and protected by Him (Ps. 61:4; 90:1). Christians today are living in the presence of God at the mercy seat.

Second, we are at His table (v. 8). When the Jews brought their sacrifices, they ate a sacrificial meal. As believers, we share all that God has for us in His house. Are you satisfied with the things of God (Ps. 63:1-5)? In the tabernacle were 12 loaves of bread representing the 12 tribes. Today believers are God's priests in His tabernacle and the only ones allowed to eat the bread.

Third, we are by His river (v. 8). God wants us to live in paradise and drink from His pleasures. Why would the people of God want to imitate the world and try to get their delight from it? Jerusalem was one of the few ancient cities not built beside a river. But God is the River of His people (v. 4; John 4:13,14). We shall always have satisfaction for our spiritual thirst.

Fourth, we are in His light (v. 9). God's light is different from what the world has to offer. If we want to see the lights in this world, we need the Light of the World, the Lord Jesus (John 8:12; Ps. 119:105). We who have eternal life need not be afraid of the wicked. The wicked keep affirming that they don't fear God and keep flattering themselves. They will fall because of their own sin. Are you living in the wickedness of sinners or in the blessedness of believers?

The believer never should settle for what the world has to offer. Are you living in the presence of God and enjoying His blessings? Remember, His mercy is always available to you.

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