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Clap and Cheer

Then the Lord said to Moses, "Come up to Me on the mountain and be there; and I will give you tablets of stone, and the law and commandments which I have written, that you may teach them." So Moses arose with his assistant Joshua, and Moses went up to the mountain of God.

Little Jamie Scott was trying out for a part in his school play. His mother knew he had his heart set on being in the play, but she feared he wouldn't be chosen. On the day the parts were awarded, apprehensively she picked him up after school. To her surprise, Jamie came rushing out, his eyes shining with pride and excitement. "Guess what, Mom!" he shouted. "I have a part! I've been chosen to clap and cheer."

God calls some of us to be in the limelight; others He calls to "clap and cheer." At this point in his life, Joshua was asked to do the latter. It would be 40 years before he became the leader of Israel. In the meantime, he was a supporter and assistant to Moses. And he did it well. Whether it was battling with the Amalekites (Ex. 17:10) or providing moral support as Moses met with the Lord on Mount Sinai, Joshua served the Lord by being an encouragement to the His servant.

Those whom God calls to serve Him in leadership face many challenges. Often they carry deep responsibilities and heavy spiritual burdens. At times they are the target of malicious gossip or hurtful behavior. You can understand how important it is that they have around them some mature believers who are there to "clap and cheer" for them. What a blessing such encouragement can be!

Have you given any thought to how you might be an encouragement to the servants of God whom you know? Who encourages your pastor or his wife? Who cheers on the Sunday school teacher or the workers at the homeless shelter? What can you do today to lighten their load and lift their spirits? Too many are prone to criticize and complain. Perhaps God has a part for you. Commit yourself to "clap and cheer" and you'll be the hit of the play.

Be a cheerleader, not a jeer-leader.

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