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Fighting Battles

About the time one problem is solved, another one begins. That's the situation David found himself in when he wrote this psalm. He was leading one battle and praying about another. In your own battles, seek to imitate David's four responses in this psalm.

First, he surveys the situation (vv. 1-3). David always looked at situations through the eyes of a poet. He pictures this predicament as a sudden flood, an earthquake and staggering, drunken people. David thinks God will prevent the Moabites from invading the land, but He allows them to come in. David then asks the Lord to forgive and restore the people and stop the flood. The Jews think the mountains and the earth are sure and steadfast, but David feels everything trembling and breaking open. He sees the people staggering as though drunk. The cup of wrath, of judgment, has come. David looks at the situation and says, "Can things get any worse?"

Second, he lifts the banner of God's truth (vv. 4,5). David fought these wars because he was God's king and the Israelites were God's people. We need to realize that even though there are problems, struggles and battles in life, God still loves us (Rom 8:35). His love cannot change and will not fail, no matter how we feel. David lifts the banner of God's truth. That is one of God's names: "The-Lord-Is-My-Banner" (Ex. 17:15). David was capable, but he was depending on God's right hand. The Lord rallies His troops around His banner.

Third, he listens to the Commander (vv. 6-8). David knew he was second in command, for God was the Leader of the armies of Israel. God says, "Wherever you go in Israel, it all belongs to me; I own the land. So stop worrying." When David heard the Commander talk like that, he knew he didn't have to be afraid. He rested in the victory of the Lord (I Cor. 15:58).

Finally, he launches out by faith (vv. 9-12). David says, "I don't have any confidence in myself. God has to lead me to victory." Almighty God always goes before us. He gives us help and the victory (Ps. 118:8).

* * *

On whose strength you draw, the Lord's or your own, will determine victory or defeat. If you let Him lead, He will take you to victory.

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