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Illustrated Blessings

This psalm has no petitions, only praise. Verses 3 through 5 are Hebrew poetry with parallel construction. Each verse has two statements. The idea that is presented in the first statement is repeated, illustrated or amplified in the second statement of the verse. The second statements in verses 3 through 5 are illustrations of three blessings: forgiveness, redemption and satisfaction.

The first blessing is forgiveness (v. 3). The psalmist illustrates forgiveness with the concept of spiritual healing. God doesn't have to heal us, but He does, and every blessing He gives is an atonement. What healing is to the body, salvation (forgiveness) is to the soul. Jesus is our Great Physician (Eph. 1:7).

The second blessing is redemption (v. 4). Redeem refers to a "kinsman redeemer." The Book of Ruth illustrates redemption, with Boaz as a kinsman redeemer. God protects and provides, and He keeps us safe and saved. He has lifted us from slavery to sovereignty.

The third blessing is satisfaction (v. 5). One translation reads, "[He] satisfies thy old age with good things." This verse applies to every stage in life. God restores and renews us. He keeps us young spiritually, for we find satisfaction in His Word.

Do you have God's blessings of forgiveness and redemption? If so, do you enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing Him and obeying His Word? God restores, renews and blesses you that you might bless others.

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