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No Carbon Copy

Are you depending on the counsel of the Lord? The Word of God, His counsel, runs this whole universe. How did God create it? "And God said, 'Let there be . . ."' (Gen. 1). He spoke, and it was done, which shows the power of His Word. Did you know that the same Word that created the universe holds the universe together and is guiding the universe and human history for you? When we are in tune with the Word of God, we're in tune with the whole universe and with what He is doing in this world.

Let no one rob you of the beautiful truth that God has His counsel for you. He has an individual plan for your life, just as He did for Moses, Joshua, David, the apostles and the great men and women of Church history.

Notice that the Lord's counsel comes from His heart. "The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of His heart to all generations" (v. 11). The will of God doesn't come from a machine. He doesn't photocopy one plan for everyone's life and fax it to all believers. No, God's will comes from His heart, completely tailor-made for your life. And His will lasts forever, unlike human plans.

The will of God is His expression of love for you. Don't be afraid of it. Build your life on the counsel of the Lord.

Because God's tailor-made plans for you come from His heart, they are an expression of His love. Stay in tune with the Word of God, and He will guide you according to His will.

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