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The Perfect Word

The revelation of God in nature prepares us for His revelation in the Scriptures. Ultimately, Jesus Christ reveals Himself as Savior. This was the experience of the Magi (Matt. 2). the light of nature led them to the light of the Word, which led them to the Light of the World.

The Bible meets the needs of the human heart. No other book is like it. It is God's testimony. Its name is the Law of the Lord. The sun is to creation what the Law is to God's people, bringing light, warmth, life and growth.

The Bible's nature is perfect and pure. The Bible is called the fear of the Lord because we need a reverential, holy, awesome fear of God (v.9). We teach God's Word because it enlightens (v.8). We trust it because it is true and righteous (v.9). We treasure it because it is more desired than gold (v. 10). We may even "taste" the Word and test it.

The Bible satisfies every need. It converts the soul. It warns us. There is great reward in keeping the Law. It's a wonder that with God's revelation in nature and Scripture so many people are blind.

The Bible is the book of our heart. Every time we read a book, watch TV or listen to a speaker, something is being written on our hearts. Let God write His Word on your heart. The heart sees what it loves. When we love the Lord with our hearts, we see Him in creation and in the Scriptures.

If God is your Redeemer, He can be your Strength. Live acceptably in His sight, allowing the meditation of your heart to please Him. Then your life will be what He wants it to be.

God is more than the God of creation and the Scriptures; He is the God of redemption. If your heart is filled with Him and yielded to Him, you can have victory over sin. Don't simply worship the God of nature. Get into the Word of God and let God get into you.

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