Free From Cares

I would have you to be free from cares.

1 CORINTHIANS 7:32 (R. V.)

He that trusteth in the Lord, mercy shall compass him about.

PSALMS 22:10

I HAVE no cares, O blessed Will!

For all my cares are Thine;

I live in triumph, Lord, for Thou

Hast made Thy triumphs mine.


LET my soul roll itself on Him, and adventure there all its weight. He bears greater matters, upholding the frame of heaven and earth, and is not troubled or burdened with it.


What is needed for happy effectual service is simply to put your work into the Lord's hand, and leave it there. Do not take it to Him in prayer, saying, "Lord, guide me, Lord, give me wisdom, Lord, ar­range for me," and then arise from your knees, and take the burden all back, and try to guide and arrange for yourself. Leave it with the Lord, and re­member that what you trust to Him you must not worry over nor feel anxious about. Trust and worry cannot go together.


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